Seed money

Having seed money is great if you are planning to start a passive investment journey. But everyone’s financial situation is not the same and to save money on a monthly basis is not a reality everyone is living in. But, if you have some spare time and are ready to put in hard work up front, that time can generate a passive income stream so you can realize your investment journey.

Smart ways to earn seed money for free

We are talking about only free ways of making money, which you can start right away without having to invest in anything but your own time.

Start a free blog

Blogger and WordPress are huge websites with a lot of authority we can take advantage of. To start a blog and publish your own content is easy but writing and marketing your content is harder. The best way to create content is to write about things you have an interest in which will save you research time.

Marketing your content using Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram is a way to get visitors to your blog almost instantly. But you have to be creative and active to get followers otherwise no one will visit your blog post.

To get organic traffic to your blog you must build backlinks. Using Blogger or WordPress means you don’t need to be as careful with your backlinks as if you were using your own hosted blog. Commentary and forum backlinks are fine for a free blog, but don’t spam it.

After a while you can start monetizing your blog with AdSense and affiliate links from Clickbank or Amazon. Creating seed money this way is not done overnight, but one successful article can bring you passive income for month or years to come.

Start a blog

Search for Micro jobs

If you have a special skill you can start selling gigs on Fiverr, Gigbucks and Upwork etc. You can earn from 5 dollars and up depending on what skill level you have. This can be a fast way to get some extra cash for your long-term investment plan.

You can also do simple tasks on Mechanical Turk and Clickworker. There are no special knowledge requirements or qualifications to perform a micro job and you can start working whenever you decide to. You will not become rich doing simple tasks, but it’s a fast and pretty easy way to increase your investment budget.

Micro jobs

Online Surveys

Marketing research companies rely on people like you and me to share our opinions. We can earn money or rewards, but to be able to earn more than peanuts we have to sign up on as many survey sites as possible.

Swagbucks, Toluna and Onepoll are legit survey sites good to start with. There are many scams out there so doing research before signing up is a recommendation. Doing surveys is maybe not the best way to increase your budget, but it can be an income opportunity of many who together can help you reach your goals.

Online Surveys

Write and sell your articles

There is a huge demand in quality articles and if you have the right skill, great opportunities lay ahead. Webmasters and SEO companies need an increasing number of articles every day and if you can write fast and maintaining high quality, 100 dollars per day or more is possible.

Writeraccess, Textbroker and Iwriter are big article services and you can apply for a freelancer account and get job requests faster than you think. Writing is a skill that gets better over time and with experience, income will also increase.

There will always be jobs for article writers and you choose if you just want to make some extra money or invest in a new career.

Write and sell your articles

Get paid to watch videos and review music

If you want to make money as easy as possible than watching videos and get paid is something you should try. Your earnings will not be big, but some extra PayPal money once in a while can add up. I’ve had problems with Firefox and adblockers when trying some services so make sure you use another browser so you won’t miss any earnings.

Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, Earnably and Perk are services that pay you to watch videos. You can do this on your spare time, but if you want to get enough seed money to make a difference then another income opportunity might be better.

Reviewing music is another very easy task. Listening to music is something that most people do and discovering new music and getting paid can feel like win-win situation.

Slicethepie, PlaylistPush and HitPredictor are good services to start with. PlaylistPush requires you to have a Spotify, Deezer or Apple music playlist. You need 400 followers on your playlist to be qualified which can take some time to achieve. But you can earn up to 12 dollars per song you review depending on your reputation.

Get paid to watch videos

Why only free ways to create seed money?

Because everyone doesn’t have money to invest upfront or are willing to take any risk. But you can reach your goals faster with a small investment in website hosting and education material. Starting a self-hosted website gives you more control and you can choose to promote almost anything you want without the risk of being banned.

With seed money, you can choose to invest in the stock market, index funds, forex trading and cryptocurrency. Remember making an investment is a risky business but without risk there are no gains either.

How to choose an investment plan?

An investment plan is a very personal thing and you need to set your own earning goals. You must know if you are ready for low risk or high risk and don’t let anyone else take control. Best way to prepare yourself is education because without knowledge you only fumble in the dark.

If you are not ready to invest in the stock market, investing in your own business is a great idea. You can start with affiliate marketing today or create your own service, the possibilities are endless online. But without seed money, it’s hard to start with anything so make sure you don’t be left behind.