make money typing

If you are looking for a part time job or some extra cash paying for a holiday or a down payment for a car, then you can make money typing in your spare time. It’s possible to make a full-time income transcribing audio and other typing tasks but it’s maybe not the best job in the world.

11 legit sites where you can make money typing:



  1. Squadhelp

Squadhelp is a creative site where freelancers can help business with new slogans and business name ideas. It’s a world wide website which means that anyone in the world can join as long as they got a verified PayPal account.

You need to get enough likes for your ideas to get access to the contests where you can win money. There are no guaranties that you will win any money, but if you do, the winner earns mostly between $100 – $300 for the best idea.


  1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is transcription service where you can get paid as a transcriptionist. A customer uploads audio and you transcribe what you hear. You must understand English well and be able to type fast in order to become a transcriptionist.

When you first start, you can earn up to $15 per hour transcribing, but if you are specialized in an area like tech, health and law you can earn higher rates. TranscribeMe will pay you once a week when you reach $20 to PayPal.

GMR Transcription

  1. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a transcription, translation, editing and proofreading service. You must be based in the US in order to apply for a transcriber account. If you don’t have a background in medicine or similar fields, it can become hard to work with GMR Transcription because most of their clients want content with medical terms.

If you know how to write and understand medical terms, then you will get jobs pretty easy and steadily. If you are fluent in Spanish, you will get a lot of both transcription and translation jobs. GMR Transcription pays $10-$20 per hour.

Accutran Global

  1. Accutran Global

Accutran Global is another transcription service with customers mostly from the medical field.  If you live in the USA or Canada you can join Accutran Global. If you have experience as a transcriber, then you will have no problems, but if you are a new transcriber, it’s better to start somewhere else.

As a new transcriber, you will earn $.004 per word or $21.6 per hour. If you can type very fast, then you can earn more than these numbers. If the audio contains foreign accents or difficult technical terms, you can get 20% extra pay per hour.

Daily Transcription

  1. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription’s service targets mostly the entertainment area. They only allow people who are living in the US or Canada to become a transcriber for them. If you can speak a second language and live in America, then these types of transcription jobs are a great opportunity for you.

If you are a fast writer and can meet deadlines, you have a good chance of receiving jobs on a regular basis. You must complete a transcription test before you can get approved and you will get paid every two weeks to PayPal if you have done any work in that period.


  1. Rev

At Rev, you can work as a freelancer transcribing audio or capture text from videos. As a transcriptionist at REV, you can work-at-home from where ever you want when ever you want. You can earn between $0.36-$0.65 per minute when transcribing audio and $0.45-$0.75 when transcribing video.

To get accepted, you must first pass a grammar and writing test and then a short transcription test. If you are fairly good at English, I think you can pass the test with ease. REV pays on a weekly basis with PayPal and there is no set number in order to get paid.


  1. Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink is for people who has more experience in the transcription industry. To get started, you must send in a cover letter describing what you have done in the past, exactly like a normal job application. If they think you have the right skills, they will contact you for further steps.

Verbal Ink is a transcription, editing and translation service and if you have a second language like Spanish, French, German and more, then you will have a big chance of getting approved. There is not much information about Payment options and pay rates on their website.


  1. Scribie

Scribe is audio file transcription service. As a transcriber at Scribie, you work when you want from wherever you want. You don’t have to be a very experienced writer in order to get accepted, but you must be fluent in English.

The scribe payout rates are pretty low, you can earn $5 – $25 per audio hour. If you complete more than 3 hours of transcription work, you get a 5% monthly bonus. You need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid.


  1. Quicktate

Quicktate helps customers transcribe audio recordings and phone conversations. To get approved as a transcriber, you must complete a short quiz and a background test, which cost $15. You must also be fluent in English.

It feels pretty strange to pay for a background test when you apply to become a part time transcriber online, and Quicktate is not paying high amounts either. The payout rates are between $ 0.0025 – $0.005 per word and you will get paid to PayPal on a weekly basis.

How can I without experience make money typing?

If you got no experience being a transcriber, you can go to and start training your typing skills. Being a transcriber is not the best paying jobs online, but if you have some extra spare time and want to make a quick buck, then maybe being a transcriber can help you out.

You must invest a lot of time upfront unless you already have transcription skills, which may seem like a bad thing. But learning to type fast is a skill you can use later on other online industries. Learning new things is a good thing and if you get paid doing it, it’s even better.