make money selling wordpress themes

You can find many ways to make money with WordPress themes. Many styles can let you make money online by selling your work through online platforms.

Can I make money selling WordPress Themes?

Yes, you can make money by selling WordPress themes. How much money can you make on Envato? Here are some ideas that you can follow.

Developing a WordPress theme

If you are a web designer or a developer, then you can make money selling WordPress themes if you can develop one. You do not have to be a top-class designer to achieve this, or you also do not have to be a top-class coder to make a great looking WordPress theme. You should, however, know what your audience wants and then should be able to design the theme accordingly. You need to know for whom you are creating the theme to get clients and to make money.

Many designs some fanatic themes on WordPress, and they thus make passive income out of it. Can I make money selling WordPress themes? All that you have to do is to make some appealing designs that sell. If you are not confident about the WordPress themes that you have created, then you can form a team or maybe even become a part of a venture that is already into this business.

Customizing theme

If you are a developer and have advanced knowledge and have some time in hand, then you can make some extra bucks customizing the WordPress themes. You should offer a customization service for the client’s website to make money selling WordPress themes. Many developers can make a good amount of money through this method. They offer website, theme, or plugin customization services on the websites.

Many users use WordPress and are capable of installing a theme, but they lack the technical skill to make changes to the layout of the page or custom the post types. If you are an expert at this, then you can offer your service to them and earn money.

Where can I sell WordPress themes?

If you are ready to join the WordPress business and make money, then there are many platforms that you can sell your theme.

Where can I sell WordPress themes? If you have just started, then you may have a tiny audience to let them know of the WordPress theme. It leads to your sales not being as expected. Can I make money selling WordPress themes? For this, you need to announce your products in a marketplace where thousands are waiting to purchase from you.

Many marketplaces let you to expand and to reach out to buyers. Some of the popular platforms are:


It is the most significant theme market in the WordPress world, and Envato runs it. If you browse through this platform, you can see several authors who have published their WordPress theme here. Because the site attracts such massive traffic, it can help you get a quick start and get your first few sales. You, however, need to have an excellent theme to attract potential buyers if you want to know how much can you make on Themeforest? You earn a percentage of every sale that you do on this platform, and your commission increases as your sales increase.

Code Canyon

Where can I sell WordPress themes? CodeCanyon is another marketplace that is run by Envato and lets you sell the WordPress plugins. You need to release the freemium plugins or try to sell the plugins that are available on your site to make money on this platform. The commission earned in CodeCanyon is in much the same way as on Themeforest.

Mojo Marketplace

The Mojo Marketplace is a platform that lets you make money selling your WordPress themes. It is formed by combining the Mojo theme and the Mojo code marketplace. The site is not as popular as Themeforest, but there is an advantage when you sell your WordPress theme here. The market is integrated with the hosting platform like Hostgator directly. It means that several WordPress users who are new to this space will be able to find your plugin as soon as they create their website. Those who are exclusive authors of the Mojo marketplace earn a commission that ranges from 50-70%. Those who are non-exclusive authors on Mojo marketplace get to keep only 50% of the value of sales.

There are many such platforms like ThemeSnap, Codester, creative market, and that lets you make money selling your WordPress themes.

How much can you make on Themeforest?

Themeforest is the other marketplace that was launched by Envato, and here you can sell themes and templates. Based on the numbers, the answer to How much can you make on Themeforest? is that a common theme here generates roughly $17355 annually gross in the first six years. If you have consistent sales on Themeforest for ten years, then you can earn a total gross of $173355 in 10 years.

How much money can you make on Envato?

Envato is a subscription-based platform, and this is for design products. With a monthly membership, you get access to fonts, a library of graphics, templates, and much more. The Envato website helps to build a website for those who do not have any knowledge of design or coding. It has a collection of some themes, and the creative get a platform to sell their digital assets here. It is a great platform to bring the creator’s ideas to life through Envato. The Envato platform lets the designer come up with plugins, WordPress theme as well as video footage and sell it on this site and make money.

Every time that you sell a product on Envato, the author makes money and earns an income. How much money you will make is dependent on whether you sell your product on Envato exclusively. If you sell on Envato only, then you make more money. The more themes you sell, the more money you make.

Just refer to the Make Money page on Envato to understand How much money can you make on Envato?. It has details about the rates and fees and how to make money through this platform.