make money selling divi child themes

Divi theme is a feature by Elegant Themes through which you can design a theme by dragging and dropping the styles. Similarly, a Divi child theme is a type of theme that inherits the style, functionality, and features from another theme

Divi theme is a feature by Elegant Themes through which you can design a theme by dragging and dropping the styles. Similarly, a Divi child theme is a type of theme that inherits the style, functionality, and features from another theme which is also known as the parent theme.

It allows me to add extra customizations that are more advanced than basic theme building features. I also don’t have to worry about my existing layout and theme of my webpage because I don’t have to erase the existing ones and I can add new customizations at my will. In other words, the Divi child theme allows me to update my webpage themes without letting me worry about my existing webpage theme.

The child theme also has a feature that enables it to inherit the functionality of the parent theme, which allows me to change the file customizations and doesn’t get changed when the parent theme is updated. With a child theme, my webpage can carry different themes for different types of content.

Divi child themes contain numerous numbers of graphics which allows me to effectively design a webpage with its immensely powerful page building tools. Let’s see how we can create a child theme and further, how efficiently you can make great money by selling these Divi child themes.

How Do I Create a Divi Child Theme?

Creating a child theme would be very beneficial as it provides an excellent way for me to add various new customizations to my existing theme. I don’t have to worry about any lost changes even if I update my theme because the existing customizations won’t get erased or removed from the webpage. The Divi child theme won’t work on its own and requires a parent theme to work effectively. If I want to create a child theme, then three things are required to move further with the designing and processes.

  • css – The very first step I have to take when designing a child theme is creating the “style.css” file. The CSS file is essential as it serves two most important purposes. The first purpose is to hold the data of my child theme that includes the name, description, author, etc. while the second most important purpose is to grab all the CSS styling contents of the child theme to the webpage which is further used to alter the look and feel of my website.
  • php – It is a template that is used by every user when using WordPress themes. It is mostly like a plugin for the themes. It is automatically executed by the theme builder in the dashboard of the admin page as well as the front-end designing data on my WordPress page. The function file is situated to PHP coding which I can use for adding many numbers of functionalities and features within my webpage’s child theme.
  • png – It is nothing but an image file that I can use to display in the directory of my themes. It is recommended by WordPress to use an image with the format like PNG, which should be normally reduced to 1200 X 900-pixel resolution or ratio. With Divi themes, I can use various layouts too, and can also select solid backgrounds for my web page with a Divi theme logo.

After collecting these essential files, I will create a directory manually where I will upload these files and activate them. Various websites also have online tools and theme generators to ease the work, but they do not provide the whole satisfaction that I can get by doing this work myself. The last thing I need to do is upload the files and activate them so that I can use this theme further in my webpage.

How Do I Export a Divi Theme?

Divi themes have one of the most popular features which are easy importing and exporting of layouts that are created beautifully by the Divi theme builder. This feature provides portability and feasibility to the developers, making their work easier to carry anywhere with them. For exporting a Divi theme, I have to work on basic steps.

First, I have to move the theme options of Divi that are present in the dashboard of WordPress. Then, I have to save the theme options provided by the Divi according to my choice and click on the given portability icon which launches a portability system through which I can export my options of Divi themes.

How Do I Sell Divi Child Themes?

Selling a Divi child theme could be a complicated task. The Divi child theme has to be packaged up to make it ready for sale. The Divi child theme package is usually a collection of multiple files and different resources which can include styles, templates, themes, and so on. These resources tend to create a whole Divi child theme. Every file and resources of Divi themes are zipped and made ready for selling. Essential processes that are required to sell a Divi child theme are listed below:

  1. Export Theme Settings Exporting the content
  2. Exporting the widgets
  3. Exporting customizing settings
  • One-Click Installation Setup
  1. Adding Files to support one-click installation
  2. Adding Functions.php file
  • Packaging of Themes
  1. Essential Files and Resources
  2. Zipping all files

How Much Can I Earn Selling Divi Child Themes?

Selling a Divi child theme can be complicated and an obscure business. I have to find the right person to whom I can sell my Divi child themes. The process of selling themes is hard, and finding the right buyer is even tougher than it sounds. Earnings are not constant, but I can earn a significant amount by selling these Divi child themes. They sell for large amounts, and if you found a perfect customer, then you can make even more. If you can’t sell them yourself, then try engaging a broker who can help to sell these themes at a great price.

Where can I sell Divi Child Themes?

You can sell both child themes and plugins on Divi marketplaces like Divi Cake and Elegant Marketplace. You can start your own online store too but these marketplaces get a lot of traffic and as a new theme maker, you can get sales faster if you join them to start with.