make money instagram

If you want to make money on Instagram, then your results will be very dependent on the following things: how great your experience is, how many followers you have and how much time you are willing to spend.

Ways you can make money on Instagram:

  1. You can become an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products
  2. Promote sponsored posts for different business in your market
  3. Sell your own photos on sites like Shutterstock and Depositphotos
  4. Create and sell your own digital products, online courses or physical products

To maximize your potential profit, you can use all these four methods or use more if you have other ideas. But if you do not act, then chances are minimal to earn something on Instagram or on another platform either for that matter.

Let’s check out our Instagram methods one by one:

Affiliate marketing means that when someone visits your account and clicks on links that lead to a company that you have an affiliate partnership with, and then buys a product, you get a commission. There are different types of ways to make money as an affiliate and someone does not always have to buy something for you to get paid, sometimes it is enough with a click or lead to get paid.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest way to start making money on Instagram. You just need to present a product with a good story or review as a video or post with a short text in your Instagram bio. If you have your own website, you can direct your followers there and give them more information, you can gather your own leads and earn even more in the long run.

When you decide to promote other people’s products using your own name, be sure you only promote things you like, are using or know how it works. You never want to miss lead people, because it will hurt your business later on. Check out these affiliate platforms below to start earning money right away.

Clickbank Cj Viglink Shareasale affiliate
Sell sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are very popular way to make money on Instagram. Over 32 billion posts is expected to be sponsored this year and continue to rise next year. This is something you can use to your advantage as the market is huge and still growing.

To get the opportunity to sponsor posts, it is a good idea to specialize in popular areas such as health, exercise or fashion. If a company likes your account, chances are they will ask if you want to sponsor one or more posts. Many influences make big money promoting sponsored posts.

You can actually earn double when marketing sponsored posts. Sometimes the post is combined with an affiliate link and you can get paid both for the post and when someone buys via your link.

You don’t have to have millions of followers on Instagram to make money. It’s not just about numbers because it’s easy to manipulate the number of followers by buying fake followers and companies obviously keep track of whether you cheat or not.

Companies want influencers with real and reliable followers. It is better to have 5000 loyal followers because it increases the chance of them buying the products that you are marketing. Companies want results and can’t be fooled because it becomes noticeable quite quickly.

Sell your own images

Taking good pictures requires a lot of planning and time and it is hard to work for free. A good camera with related equipment is a pretty big investment, so why not take the chance and make money from your pictures.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money because there are lots of bloggers and entrepreneurs who need images every day. If you only upload images of decent quality, chances are you will succeed in selling something.

Here is a list of some websites where you can sell your pictures:

  1. Alamy
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock Photo
  4. Adobe Stock
  5. PhotoShelter
  6. Fotomoto

Instagram money

How much money can you make on Instagram?

It depends on the number of followers and how much a company thinks your Instagram profile is worth. However, the price varies, but if you have over 100,000 followers, a sponsored post can cost anywhere between $100 – $1000. It depends on how long your post is, whether it’s an image or video and how famous you are as an influencer.

You can earn roughly $ 10 per 1000 followers on Instagram. At least it gives you a small idea of ​​how much you can earn. Check out Influncer marketing hubs Instagram income calculator.

How to find sponsors on Instagram?

The best way is to look for companies that sponsor Influencers in your niche, then you will know which brands to look for. Build a list of companies and brands that fit your profile and start writing emails. Send an email describing who you are, why you like their brand, and how your marketing can help them with their business.

You can also list yourself and your Instagram account in an influencer marketplace where companies can check out your account and contact you if they want to sponsor a post. Here is a list of influencer markets that you can check out:

  1. Upfluence
  2. NeoReach
  3. AspireIQ
  4. Hypr
  5. Julius
  6. Open Influence
  7. Dovetale
  8. Scrunch
  9. Takumi
  10. Tapinfluence

Create and sell your own products

Creating your own products is a great way to make money on Instagram without having to depend on others, and it can be incredibly fun and rewarding to succeed with your own products.

Creating digital products requires a lot of work in the beginning, but once you have created a digital product it can sell directly 24 hours a day, so you can start talking about passive income because you can sleep and still make money. Examples of digital products are eBook’s, courses and apps.

A digital product can be very cheap to produce, so the profits of the time you put in can be very high. To get started, we recommend that you register and use SendOwl or ClickFunnels to start selling your own web products.

Create physical products

Shopify is a great service that can help you start an online store so you can sell your products smoothly and securely.

To create physical products you don’t have to reinvent the wheel again, but with services like Teespring, Teelaunch and Printful everything becomes very easy and all you have to do is use your images and place them on t-shirts, mugs, bags or phone cases and these companies take care of everything like warehousing, packaging and shipping.

Tshirt design examples

T-Shirt design ideas

Before you start selling physical products, it is recommended to test all products yourself. It is not good if you sell products that are of poor quality because it is you who put your name on these products.

Create an Instagram business account

It is better to create an Instagram business account if you plan to make money long term as it gives you access to lots of great extra features. You can check statistics about who is visiting your account, set goals, create call-to-action buttons and edit your profile. Check out this link about Instagram business accounts.

Learn how to create a good Instagram profile:

You can be very popular but still lack knowledge on how to optimize your profile. It’s not something you just learn, but you need help and guidance here as well. It’s not just about making money, it’s important to build relationships and create good business contacts. Here is a good link on how to create a good Instagram profile.

Post frequently and at the right time

Instagram is a social platform and it is important to build social contacts just like in real life. It’s good if you treat your followers as friends but it is important to create distance too.

The secret to making money on Instagram is to make sure you publish frequently, but obviously not by sacrificing quality. According to Socialbuddy, it is recommended to post pictures 1.5 times a day so that your followers do not feel overwhelmed and give you time to make high-quality posts or videos.

I hope this guide can help you get started with your Instagram Journey and you can also apply these methods on other money-making ideas to increase you income.