Fast Paypal money

Making quick PayPal money will not make you rich, but you can get some extra cash to pay for bills or take your partner to a nice dinner. All you need is a phone or computer and you can start today after reading this article.

Sites that pay fast PayPal money:

1. Qmee

Qmee is a free browser plugin and smartphone app you can use to earn fast PayPal money. You need a PayPal account in order to receive payouts. You can also donate your money to charity if you feel you don’t need the money right now.

There are a couple of ways you can earn with Qmee, browsing the internet with the browser extension, taking surveys or earn cashback when you shop. You can use both your phone and computer with the same account. Qmee is only available to US, UK, Canada and Australian citizens right now, but using a VPN you can bypass this block.


2. PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is survey site, but not as boring and time consuming as other survey sites. They provide surveys with short answers and questions and payout to PayPal when you reach $ 15 within 72 hours of request. You also get paid for just signing up.

A survey takes about 5 minutes and the number of questions is around 10 most times. You can also take trait surveys which are available almost every day. Complete a trait survey a couple of times every week to increase your trust score and earn more per survey. PaidViewpoint is available worldwide.


3. Userzoom

Userzoom is website testing service. You can earn money by joining their panel and doing surveys, participate in studies and review products. You can do this on your spare time as long as you have a place where you are not disturbed, a microphone and a stable internet connection.

A standard survey pays about $2 but if you are ready to participate in studies that will record your answers on audio or video you can earn $10 on average. Pretty high payout for 10 – 20 minutes of work, but you have to increase your quality rating to get regular invitations. Userzoom is available worldwide.



Testingtime helps companies to improve their products and services using real people’s opinions and remarks. By becoming a test user, you can review digital products, test new apps and websites and testing products on site with the customer.

Usually a study takes 30 – 90 minutes and you can earn up to €50 per hour. When you have agreed to a study, you either participate via Skype or with the client-in-person at a time and date agreed. If you are a skilled tester you can earn nice extra PayPal money but you have to really stay sharp and participate to get results.


5. Validately

Validately is a user test service. Companies that need help to improve their websites and apps can get in depth reviews and opinions from real people. To make money with Validately you must have a computer with a microphone or a smartphone for mobile studies.

To participate in a live remote study pays up to $100 but payments do vary based on complexity and time. You must communicate in English and be at least 18 years old. A high-speed internet connection is required and you must use the chrome browser.


6. Userlytics

Userlytics is a user research platform. Companies can test their prototypes, websites and apps using insights from real people live. All you need is a computer with a microphone and webcam or a phone to become a tester.

You can make between $5 – $20 per test taking around 20 – 40 minutes. Some test can pay you even more, but you can’t rely on new test every day so treat Userlytics as a side-hustle and nothing more. Becoming a user tester is a great experience, but will never be a full-time job.


7. Jeetsman

Jeetsman aka the spend time is a website where you can complete tasks and earn PayPal money. You can earn simply by viewing ads and you can withdraw instantly to PayPal when you reach $2. Jeetsman is a fairly new website, but slowly gaining more and more popularity.

You will definitely not make a lot of money viewing ads, but this can be a small side-hustle to get some pocket change. Jeetsman servers a very slow and you need a VPN if you live outside the US to complete many tasks.


8. Mindsumo

Mindsumo is a website where you can make money by coming up with new ideas and being creative. Companies sometimes need help to come up with ideas or solutions and as solver your job is to give them creative answers to their problems.

You compete with others and the best solvers get to share the money. Some solvers have won close to $4000 but a usual payout is between $5 -$30 per challenge. You must earn $100 in order to cash out the first time, then you can cash out every time you reach $5 to your PayPal account.


9. Spare 5

Spare 5 is owned by Mighty AI, a company specialized in artificial intelligence and robotics. By joining Spare 5, your job is to solve simple tasks that pays between ¢3 – ¢20 most of the time. You can use your phone or computer and you can cash out when you reach $1 once a week.

When completing tasks, you also earn experience points which can help you get access to tasks with higher payouts. But if you submit poor tasks, your experience points can decrease and you will receive less tasks. Spare 5 is a great site where you can earn easy spare time PayPal money.


Why going after fast PayPal money?

Many websites don’t pay PayPal money, instead they give out gift cards and coupons which can be hard for people outside USA to use. But a gift card doesn’t pay bills and getting real cash is always a better deal.

There are many scams online when coming to survey and task sites, but all sites on this list is legit and paying at the moment. But everything can happen so always withdraw your PayPal money as fast as you can. This list is going to be updated with new websites over time.