Blog ideas that make money online

To start a blog is easy, but to come up with ideas that make money is hard. Today I will do my best to give you some inspiration with 7 blogging niches that have proven to provide positive results over the years.

Blogging can become a full-time job, and being your boss is significant freedom compare to a 9-5 job. Some surveys say that up to 85% hate their jobs, so being self-employed is the way to go.

7 Blog ideas that make money online

 Personal Finance
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Many people struggling with their financial situation, and managing loans and monthly costs can be complicated. To make money last all month without any planning is almost impossible, that’s a reason why a lot of people search for help online.

Helping people with their finance is very profitable, but at the same time, the competition in this niche is though. You must know to handle your own money before you can give other people advice. If you have some form of financial education will make things easier, but you can compete in this niche with personal tips and tricks too.

Personal Finance blogs:

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Lifestyle is a very broad niche with many sub-niches and topics. As a blogger, you have many opportunities to make real good money if your lifestyle blog is popular. You can blog about things you like and things that’s happens in your life. Anyone can become a lifestyle blogger.

It takes time and a lot of research and hard work to become a successful lifestyle blogger. You have to be very personal and genuine to succeed. To last in the long run, you need to keep up with changing trends and social changes.

Lifestyle blogs:

Health and Fitness
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We are constantly looking for new tips to improve our lives. If you know how to cook healthy food or know how to give training tips, you can start your health and fitness blog. To write about your fitness or weight-loss journey is a great way to get followers. People love adventures.

You should not give medical advice unless you are a doctor, but you can provide tips on healthy diets and training programs. It takes a lot of work, research, and testing, but if you are interested in this niche, why not blog about it?

 Health and Fitness blogs:

Beauty and Fashion
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Women heavily dominate this niche, but men’s beauty and fashion are growing, and there is big money to be made if your style is right. Many influencers on YouTube and Instagram are working in this niche, but there is room for bloggers too.

To blog in this industry is hard work every day if you want to build a reliable brand. But there are high profits to be made and if you have what it takes, don’t waste your time doing anything. You can even start a free blog where you can train your blogging skills.

Beauty and Fashion blogs:

Make money
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Make money blogging about money may sound easy, but this niche is maybe the hardest to compete online. You cannot start blogging about money without doing solid keyword research and competition research because you will waste your time if you don’t know where to start.

But since the making money niche contains many sub-niches, you can begin blogging about a specific topic and then expand to other areas over time as you become a better blogger. Because a niche is hard to compete in doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.

Make money blogs:

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Blogging about technology is great if you want your blog to grow fast. There is always a steady stream of new content available, and you never have any problems finding blog ideas for your blog. There are many ways to make money with a Tech blog, but the competition is enormous.

You should like to write about things like computer hardware, gadgets, and AI, etc. It’s easier to last in the long run if you love the niche you have chosen. Because if you don’t update your blog regularly, you will not be able to compete in the tech niche.

Tech blogs:

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This niche is profitable, but you can’t become a travel blogger without any financial freedom, business travels, or financial support. Traveling full-time and write about it is maybe one of the best jobs anyone can get, so if you were traveling regularly, you should share your experience and at the same time, make money.

Many YouTubers run travel channels, but you don’t have to make videos to become a successful travel blogger. A camera, some knowledge in social media marketing, and writing skills are all you need to start.

Travel blogs:

Ways to make money with your blog


You can start with AdSense because it’s the easiest way to earn your first dollar. You will not receive a full-time salary with just AdSense, but you can make some seed money and scale your blogging business over time. When your blog gets more visitors, you could apply for an account at Ezoic, Adthrive, or Mediavine. These companies can pay more than AdSense, but it’s harder to get approved.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something you can start with at the same time you start your blog. But it’s not easy to make money as an affiliate at first. You need to find the best products in your niche and learn how to promote the right way. Clickbank and Amazon Associates are popular affiliate marketplaces that have products in almost every niche, and it’s easy to get approved.

Sponsored Posts

When your blog has become an authority, you can start selling sponsored posts. Other businesses and bloggers want links and exposure, and for a fee, you can help them. They will usually find your blog and email you, which means you don’t have to do much work to earn money this way. Having an authority site will make it easier to promote anything.