finance for beginners courses

When it comes to personal finance, knowing how to take care of money is the difference between freedom and failure. But no one is born with this knowledge, and without proper education, you have to rely on luck or start learning as fast as you can.

Losing money with bad investments is something that many people have done. It doesn’t’ mean they are stupid or having bad luck. They were just not prepared for how the financial system works. To prevent these mistakes in the future, learning more is the key.

Learn Finance for Beginners with Video Courses

Financial Analyst Training Videos:

  1. Financial Analyst Training and Investing Course

Steve Haroun is a professional business trainer and an MBA professor. He has produced numerous courses on Udemy. With this course, you will get in-depth training on how to pick stocks, manage portfolios, and how to use technical analysis. You get 22 hours of video training for an incredibly low price.

Learning how to analyze the market is crucial if you want to have control over your investments. Without the right skills, you will be gambling with your money and only relying on luck. The stock market is complicated, but with education, it will become less complicated.

  1. Learn to Trade the Stock Market

Mohsen Hassan is the CEO and founder of the Montreal Trading Group. This introduction course is the same as new traders have to take before being employed at his firm. If you are a beginner, taking this course will give you the foundation that’s necessary to understand how to make trades and pick the right stocks.

You will learn how to master technical analysis, understand candlestick patterns and technical indicators. There are downloadable resources available, and you can learn at your own pace without any stress when you got free time.

  1. Stock Trading and Investing for Beginners

It is a 4 -1-course bundle targeting complete beginners. You will learn the basics related to stock trading and investing. With a basic understanding of how to read the financial statements of companies you want to invest in, and applying technical analysis, your chances of picking the right stocks are much higher than without any finical guidance.

Indian Insight is a financial education firm providing stock advisory services for retail investors. Taking this course will prepare you for more advanced courses in the future. With the right financial skills, you will never have to worry about a shortage of funds again.

Personal Finance for Beginners Video Courses

Personal Finance Training Videos:

  1. The Complete Personal Finance Course

Another great course by Steve Haroun. To have your personal finance in order is the key to a successful life. This course will teach you how to save money on shopping expenses, save more on debt expenses, how to invest smart, and how to change your perception of capital, etc.

No prior knowledge is required; total beginners can take this course and learn how to master their finance. You get 16 hours of Video and lifetime access to all content in this course. Learn over 100 ways to save money and much more, and gain the skills needed to take control of your financial situation.

  1. 5 Steps to Building Wealth

It is an essential personal finance course by Jennifer Barrett. Great for beginners and easy to follow. It teaches how to make a better budget, pay off debt faster, save more money, and how to start a side hustle. This course will not show you advanced financial analysis, but it can give you skills to move on towards more advanced courses in the future.

This course is only one hour long but contains 21 downloadable resources. If you need to get the basics fast, this is a perfect short video course. But despite its length, you get many smart tips and ideas in a compact form.

  1. Learn the four Core Pillars of Personal Finance

This is another personal finance course for beginners. Brainy Money and Son Han creates finance and motivation courses on Udemy. Maintaining a healthy personal economy without the right conditions is though. Everyone can learn the basics, but without motivation and long-term commitment, it’s easy to lose control.

Learning how to stay motivated is essential, and this course is about both personal finance and motivation. You get 4 hours of video lessons and two downloadable resources: not the most prominent course, but enough for teaching the basics and prepare the students for future education.

Why Should I Invest in a Financial Video Course?

Finance video courseI understand if you don’t want to spend any money on a video course, but these courses have more content than just videos. You can ask the author questions and also get updates when new content is added. I know that many free video tutorials are available on YouTube, but keep in mind that most YouTubers are not experts, and it’s precarious to rely on their advice compare to real financial experts.

Have you been thinking about investing your money, but the lack of knowledge is holding you back? Then you really need to do something about it because if you don’t invest your money, it’s value will decrease over time. Taking a video course might help you get motivated, and being motivated makes it easier to take action.

How Much Does a Financial Video Course Cost?

It’s surprisingly cheap. Udemy runs discounts regularly, and you can get a full course for $10. I don’t understand why they sell the courses so cheap. It contains so much value, and the price feels a bit unfair because the authors have spent many hours developing a course. Of course, it’s a bargain for us, and why pay more when you can spend less?

There are other online education websites like Skillshare and Coursera. I prefer Udemy because you get access to so much knowledge for such a low cost. But do your research, and remember that taking one course is hardly enough for becoming a financial analyst or expert investor. With one of the courses above, you will get the basics needed to move on to the next level.